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Here's a remix I did for Simo Soo:



Here's a Keith Party video made by Pastel Prairie. Track produced by Talkshow Boy. Vocals by Talkshow Boy, me (Cathead LaQuack) and Nevenator 2: Judgement Babe:

Here's a track I produced for Keith Party, featuring vocals by Conor G, Tregz, myself (Cathead), the Worm, Talkshow Boy and Rachel Zbukvic:

Other stuff:


"Zounds" produced by Dot.AY, myself and Talkshow Boy


"Let's Go Back to Where It All Began", a weird Keith Party video starring me, Gezus and Hot Dog. Music by me and Talkshow Boy.


Eden Monaro, a new project.


Ballardian drone-punk combo Spitfire Parade.




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